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Remote Year

It has become clear that with ubiquitous connectivity, people no longer need to be physically together to get great work done. More companies are adding remote working options every day as they realize the benefits of opening their talent pool globally and getting better work results from happier employees. Millennials have shown that they prioritize experiences over ownership with the rapid rise of the sharing economy. Now unshackled from their permanent desks, they are ready to give up the permanence of a home for the excitement of life on the road. These two sweeping cultural shifts happening today, productivity moving to the cloud and the rise of the sharing economy, have culminated in Remote Year.

Remote Year is a group of interesting people traveling together while working remotely. Over 25k people applied for the inaugural year's 75 spots, which started on June 1, 2015 in Prague. Remotes will travel together on a journey, living in 12 different cities throughout Europe, Asia and South America for one month each. Throughout the year, they will continue progressing both personally and professionally while working in the communal workspace with diverse participants from 12 different countries as well as exploring the local community through cultural tours, speaking events and volunteer opportunities.

We Believe In...

Work-Life Flexibility
Championing location independent productivity

Coming together with purpose

Expanding our capacity to understand others

Being Present
Having awareness and gratitude for the moment

Global Perspective
Experiencing the world and appreciating its diversity and interconnectedness

Creating the optimistic future you envision

Open positions:

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