VP of Engineering (Remote) Worldwide

Company: Collage.com

Collage.com’s mission is to make custom products easy for everyone. We strive to do this by providing superior software and excellent customer service. We sell an expanding variety of photo and home products, including photo blankets, photo books, canvases, pillows, and more. Our company has been featured on the TODAY Show, The View, and Good Morning America many times. We are a 100% bootstrapped and employee-owned company that has rapidly grown to 40 employees and $25M annual revenue over the past five years.

As a 100% remote company, we are set up to provide an ideal environment for engineering. The less time developers spend dealing with cumbersome processes, inefficient systems, and commuting, the more time they have to solve problems and make an impact. Collage.com’s co-founders/co-CEOs both come from a technical background and believe in staying at the forefront of best practices so that we can focus on work that matters. We pass all of The Joel Test (except only fixing high-priority bugs before writing new code, but hey, we’re a start-up), use continuous deployment (code goes straight to production after each merge), and have adopted mobx-state-tree and React as our main Javascript frameworks. Strong engineering is a key part of our business strategy -- it lets us build best-in-class design tools faster than our larger competitors.

We are seeking an ambitious and nice engineering leader who shares our passion for building a great software company and thinks that remote work is the way of the future. This is a unique opportunity to help define how a remote software team should communicate, grow, and have fun while getting stuff done. Our goal is to hire and support great engineers. As a VP with founders behind you who believe in the power of excellent software engineering, you will be responsible for enabling a team of smart, ambitious people to do their best work. If you are seeking an environment where you get to do meaningful work with like-minded peers, then we want to hear from you.

Learn more about working and developing software at Collage.com.


  • Manage a team of 10-15 engineers including managers who work on a large-scale web application using modern development practices.
  • Lead all functional areas within engineering, delegating to other managers and senior engineers where appropriate.
  • Set goals for the engineering team and lead career development.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for the engineering team.
  • Recruit and hire engineers.
  • Establish processes and best practices.
  • Work with upper management and product managers to meet business goals and address company-wide challenges.

Required Qualifications

  • 2+ years of experience managing other engineering managers and leading multiple functional areas on an engineering team responsible for a large-scale application
  • First-hand web application development experience with Javascript, including ability to review code and make architectural decisions
  • High empathy and excellent interpersonal skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication is essential for this remote-only position

Benefits and Perks

  • Working from home makes it easier to focus on results and develop professionally while spending less time commuting. (See our opinion piece on perks and work-life balance at mlive.com.)
  • 401(k) plan, home internet reimbursement, and $3,000 / year in free Collage.com products plus employee discount for friends and family.
  • Collage.com pays 100% of the premium for full health, vision and dental insurance coverage for you and your family in a high-quality Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plan.
  • Flexible work schedule and unlimited vacation policy (work hard and take time when you need it).
  • We’ll pay for any computer and home office equipment (within reason) that will help you work better.

The Interview Process

The goal of our interview process for this role is to identify people who will be a good fit for our company and are talented, ambitious engineering leaders. Because you will be working remotely, all of our interviews are done over the phone in close succession to move through the process quickly.

Though this is a leadership position, we give all candidates a coding assessment that is similar to what we give senior engineers. We believe that engineering managers should be able to understand and assess technical work so that they can guide others and make sound decisions. We ask questions about Javascript programming that focus on applying general programming concepts (like concurrency and good code structure) in realistic scenarios that should be familiar to experienced engineers. We do not test for knowledge of esoteric language features, APIs, or algorithms. We prefer engineering managers who are smart and able to learn over those who are familiar with our exact tech stack.

During the interview process, you will talk to other engineers, a product manager, and both founders/CEOs of the company. We believe in transparency, and will give you the opportunity to speak with anyone else you’d like to meet before accepting an offer. You are making an important decision, and we want to make sure you are fully committed to joining our team.

Vacancy page : https://boards.greenhouse.io/collagecom/jobs/4075242002

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