Technical Support Team Lead – WordPress plugin Worldwide

Company: 10up


  • Provide support for a set of WordPress plugins
    • Respond, resolve, triage, and escalate user questions on various products forum, including the plugin directory and Github source code repositories.
    • Filter out questions not specific to the WordPress plugin (i.e. related to external connected services) and redirect to relevant forums or teams. Ensure questions are triaged within defined SLA.
    • Suggest improvements to the online help resources (FAQs, product site).
    • Send weekly reports to relevant internal stakeholders.
  • Provide leadership and management for a ~3 person support team (and growing)
    • Training and onboarding for new team members.
    • Monitoring and reporting on overall team morale.
    • Escalation management.
    • SLA reporting.
    • Accountability for team KPIs, e.g. response and resolution time.
    • Analyze trends and write summaries of top user issues and overall sentiment.
    • Facilitate ongoing advancement and professional development for existing team members.


  • Experience supporting and/or working with WordPress as a CMS.
  • Experience leading a team in a project and/or personnel management context.
  • Effective communication, specifically in a customer service environment.
  • Good organizational skills (to support an influx of support topics that come in from the different products; research skills are a must).
  • Some familiarity and hands-on experience with web technologies, specifically CMS platforms. Not timid when it comes to diving in, adapting and learning new technologies.
  • Experience with and appreciation for creating and editing documents (Google Docs and/or Word) and spreadsheets, including formatting and formula management- with unrelenting attention to detail!
  • Not only are you comfortable, but you thrive in a fast-paced environment.
  • A team player who can also work independently. Can translate high-level direction into follow through, whether it be on research or creating reports, without a need to be micromanaged through the process.
  • Comfortable interacting with both data/numbers and words/language on a daily basis. You recognize that formulas and calculators are our friends, and that the real value is in how you assemble and present the info.

Nice to have

  • Knowledge of and familiarity with popular Google performance and analytics tools, including Google Analytics, Lighthouse, Search Console, and/or AMP.
  • Experience writing documentation and support documents for technical products.
  • Experience working in a business or team focused on the WordPress ecosystem.
  • Engagement with the WordPress community, e.g. attending WordPress-centered events or contributing to WordPress projects.
  • Remote working experience appreciated.

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