Technical Merchant Support Worldwide

Company: Shopify

About the role

What is Technical Merchant Support?

The Guru team at Shopify supports shop owners around the clock, sometimes running into bigger and more complex problems that might not suit a phone or chat conversation. As a Tier 2 Technical Support, you’ll get to dig into those bigger puzzles. The most difficult, complex issues are no match for your skills. You will own the issue until it is resolved, even if it takes days or weeks.

A perfect match for this role is someone who has great troubleshooting and analytical skills and has a curious mind for how things work and what makes them tick. Shopify moves at incredible speeds and our Technical Support are masters of the product. They know everything from the newest features to the oldest core functions from top to bottom and inside out and they are regularly solving obscure mysteries by working alongside Shopify product developers to get to the core of a problem.

You'll Need To:

  • Must be legally eligible to work in New Zealand.
  • Must live in Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Love talking to a wide variety of people! Day to day, Technical Support balances both internal conversations with the support team, as well as direct merchant interactions to help resolve individual questions; having a history of positive customer-facing service experience will be essential to your success in the role, so we want to hear all about your freelance work with business clients, working in retail, etc.
  • Take complex and sometimes complicated solutions and language, and boil those down into easy-to-understand and approachable explanations for everyone.
  • Be comfortable learning through osmosis; Technical Support is a highly connected team that loves to focus on peer-to-peer learning and extensive knowledge sharing.
  • Stay open to tackling problems that are outside of your comfort zone - Technical Support never quite knows what it’s going to run into during the day, so you could be doing a lot of chin supporting and head scratching!
  • Have a team first approach while working within a team of high-performing and driven individuals - you love being the best, but you also love sharing in other teammates successes!
  • Have an eye for detail. Prove it to us - address your cover letter to Ms. Brule.
  • Accommodate a flexible schedule. Rotating evening and weekend shifts ensure that our merchants get the full scope of Technical Support coverage, 24/7.

Experience with the following would be great, but isn't required:

  • While Escalated Technical Support doesn’t strictly require a depth of knowledge in the following areas, you’ll have a leg up on getting up to speed with current Shopify processes if these tools and languages are familiar to you.
  • Working in technical support in an SaaS or equally software-driven environment.
  • Experience working with Ruby on Rails (can be personal or work-related).
  • Have worked with MySQL databases (for work or for fun, and yes, we think SQL is fun). Using Chrome Developer Tools to investigate and troubleshoot issues with browsers and front-end website code.
  • Made open source contributions to projects you are passionate about. Version control (Github or Git, ideally). Shopify is constantly evolving and updating, so looking for versions and changes is a key element of keeping on top of things.
  • Front-end development experience (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)
  • RESTful APIs and JSON/XML is helpful when testing and troubleshooting our API.
  • Experience or knowledge of HTTP protocol and DNS will come in handy when working with domains or SSLs.

If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce, click the “Apply Now” button to submit your application and be sure to share a link to your current Shopify test store. Technical Support lives for Shopify’s admin, so having some basic experience with building and maintaining a store on Shopify will be a major asset to future conversations and hiring processes.

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