Systems Engineer - Mobile Robots Switzerland

Company: Demiurge Technologies AG

At Demiurge, your role will be preparing and maintaining wheeled robotic systems for implementing neural-network-based real-time learning and control algorithms.


    • Provide system-level development on the overall functionality and development of autonomous mobile robotic systems, leveraging “Best in Class” engineering design and components.
    • Install, integrate, test and maintain embedded systems, associated peripherals and controllers with robot firmware.
    • Implement real-time learning and control algorithms for desired functionality and process or interpret signals or sensor data.
    • Implement a wide range of test methodologies and perform verification, validation and testing activities for sensors, motors, controllers, structures, supports, or mechanical systems, including a hardware-in-the-loop testing environment, automated unit and stress testing.
    • Review or approve designs, calculations, or cost estimates.
    • Make system device lists or event timing charts.
    • Write process documents, work instructions and checkout procedures.
    • Identify root causes of production issues and implement permanent fixes.
    • Work closely with all teams to understand needs, distill requests down, come up with a plan, get buy-in, and implement it.
    • Conduct research into the feasibility, design, operation, or performance of robotic mechanisms, components, or systems, like collaborative, coordinated multiple robots, reconfigurable robots, or man-machine interactions
    • Design automated robotic systems to increase production volume or precision in high-throughput operations, like flexible part complexity analysis or sorting, moving, or stacking production materials


    • Postdoc or PhD in electrical engineering, robotics, or a related discipline.
    • Five or more years of experience in the design, deployment, calibration and maintenance of of field mobile sensor networks under real-world constraints.
    • Skilled in programming with C/C++, real-time constraints, hardware interfaces (e.g. DeviceNet, Ethernet,ProfiNet, ProfiBUS, InterBUS, AZIBUS, UART, SPI, I2C.) and RTOS (real-time operating systems).
    • Familiarity with custom board bring-up and testing (including BSP generation), sensor interfaces (including LIDAR, GPS, and RADAR), networking protocols (including TCP and UDP), and development in Linux-based environments (including kernel module development).
    • Proficiency in control systems theory and applications to vehicle systems.
    • Proficiency in relevant tools (Matlab/Simulink, ROS, Gazebo, etc.)
    • Capable of working independently and overcoming challenges without supervision.

Desired Skills and Experiences

    • Conversant in network administration, firewalls, switches, VPNs, TCP/IP networks, LAN/WAN design.
    • Experience with industry standard modeling/simulation tools (CarSim, ADAMS, etc.)
    • Experience with FMEA, especially in the context of control systems and hardware/software interactions.
    • Knowledge of modern automotive electronics and diagnostic procedure, and modern automotive technologies (e.g. CAN, Flexray).
    • Comfortable with both a logic analyzer and a wrench.
    • Exceptional ability and track record of developing original and unconventional ideas/theories/models/inventions based on rethinking/reinventing the first principles of single or multiple fields.
    • Experience in a regulated, safety critical, or quality managed environment.

Desired Personal Qualities

    • First-principles-based thinking.
    • Extraordinary composure and integrity in face of dire condition.
    • Ruthless rationality and candor in the pursuit of knowledge.
    • Profound empathy and charitableness in the matter of people.
    • Resilience and fearlessness working outside your comfort zone.
    • Described by others as the most radical yet humblest researcher / engineer / thinker they know.
    • Intellectual breadth.
    • Sense of humor.

Application without a cover letter will not be considered.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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