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Senior Front End Developer

About Bad Rabbit

Bad Rabbit, Inc. is made up of a growing team of experienced professionals who work together to identify, understand, and develop solutions to our clients’ software needs. We work within the medical research sector, and help to maintain and develop tools to assist research institutions deal with administration, compliance, research finance, and regulation. Some of our clients include The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Arizona State University, Penn State, and Dartmouth College.

  • Startup culture, without startup stress. Bad Rabbit is a 10-year old, profitable business but we are still a small and growing company. This means you can experience the excitement of being in a fast-growing company, and have plenty of opportunities to grow with us without the crazy hours or instability of a “normal” startup. Speaking of hours, did we mention that, in our view, a great work/life balance calls for a full time definition of 35 productive hours per week?
  • Great team. Our team is predominately located in the greater NYC, Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon areas and individuals work from home offices. That’s right: your commute is only as far as your coffee machine. As we are small, we can be very selective about the types of people we hire. That means you’re going to get to work with some really smart, passionate, and friendly individuals. You won’t find a dramatic or competitive work environment here; we’ve set up Bad Rabbit to be a non-political, efficient place where you can expect to be valued and respected for your work ethic and teamwork, no matter which piece of the puzzle you’re working on.
  • Unique culture. We strive to be fair, transparent, and flat, meaning you won’t wonder what the “higher ups” are discussing behind closed doors. At Bad Rabbit, everyone is treated equally and as key members of the team. We have a unique revenue sharing scheme which rewards everyone’s hard-work and encourages everyone to contribute to our future growth.
  • Amazing work environment. We think if you work hard, you should receive a great salary and generous benefits. We have full health coverage for you, your spouse, and dependents; a great 401K; bonus potential and loads more! We’ll even set you up with a shiny new computer of your choice and a big monitor to go with it. Who doesn’t love that new computer smell?

Flexibility & Remote Work

At Bad Rabbit we pride ourselves on being a forward thinking employer. Most of our developers work from home and set their own hours. That’s right: your commute is only as far as your coffee maker. We have some developers who choose not to start until 12pm, and others who like starting at 7am. Alternatively, some of our employees work a few days a week from our shared office spaces.

We do not micromanage, and think it’s important to give people the responsibility to work in the way that best suits their life-style and productivity. Want to travel and work remotely from Vietnam for a month? Sure thing. How about switching to a 4-day work week? No problem either!

For this position, working remotely is completely acceptable once up to speed, but it is mandatory that candidates for this role are based within commuting distance to Portland, Oregon, as for the first few months it will be important to come into the office for training.

About You

You are a front end developer with experience in Javascript frameworks, such as React or Angular, and can use them to build efficient, scaleable web applications. You like to own your projects, and are motivated to solve customer problems, even if it means using core Javascript and direct DOM manipulation. You easily work from prototypes or PSDs, are creative enough to solve UX problems, and don’t mind working with clients to deliver the best solution possible.

In your world, responsive UI is the only UI, but you can code to specific devices. REST APIs are your friend, but you can work with systems of any kind. You kill it with the latest IDE’s, but you can code by hand in Notepad or Vi if you have to. In addition to all of that, you can structure your own hours to your liking while still meeting your deadlines. You don’t mind working remotely, and are comfortable being a productive part of a distributed development team.

Technical skills required:

  • Advanced proficiency developing complex client-side web applications
  • Advanced proficiency analyzing and debugging front-end code
  • Strong technical reading, writing, and verbal communication skills including the ability to work with domain- and customer-specific jargon.

Technical skills highly preferred:

  • Experience working with multiple front-end frameworks
  • Experience working without front-end frameworks
  • Experience integrating with remote APIs and the challenges inherent to distributed systems
  • Automated testing of JavaScript front-end applications
  • Experience with distributed revision control systems (we use git)
  • Experience creating business management applications
  • Experience with medical and medical research administration, such as IRBs, Grants Management Systems, EPIC, etc.
  • Continuous Integration / Deployment using virtual servers
  • Backend business logic and database development

Preferred non-technical experience:

(Note that, while we’d love to see these attributes on an application, we don’t want to discourage you from applying if you meet the above-listed qualifications, but don’t yet have these specific experiences.)

  • Strong visual design skills
  • Strong concept of User Experience (UX) and complex business workflows
  • Multiple years of consulting experience.
  • Project management experience.
  • Experience mentoring other developers.

What You’ll Do

At Bad Rabbit, you will work with back-end developers and hands-on technical leadership to implement and maintain business software for our customers in medical research and administration. You will bring your creativity and initiative to designing delightfully effective user interfaces while taking business and technical direction from senior staff. Your day to day work will include:

  • Maintaining and enhancing existing web applications (bugs, upgrades, enhancements) written using various tools.
  • Participating in the development of new web applications
  • Reviewing your fellow team members’ code and provide constructive feedback.
  • Developing core pieces of reusable infrastructure (build systems, software testing, reusable UI components)
  • Helping to improve our wiki with relevant code samples and documentation.

Benefits & Compensation

For a full list of benefits check out our Careers page but at a glance:

  • Competitive compensation (above industry average).
  • Comprehensive benefits (Health & 401K).
  • Profit sharing scheme.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Ability to work remotely or on site.

To Apply

Make sure you clearly fit the descriptions above (see “About You“). You must be authorized to work in the United States and physically able to work out of our Portland, Oregon office.

  • Email
  • Note the specific position you’re interested in.
  • Include your resume or Linked In.
  • Tell us why we are a great fit for each other.
  • Show us some code! Your Git Hub, a past piece of work, or a side project you are proud of.
  • Keep in mind we want to know who you are as a person; it never hurts to tell us about your hobbies or what you look forward to doing with your new, flexible, work-from- home lifestyle. For example, we’re dog people, and we appreciate a good sense of humor.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Resume and cover letter review – be sure to include the requested topics listed above in your cover letter for the most efficient response time.
  2. 30 minute phone screen
  3. Two one-hour technical phone calls
  4. A one-hour call where we discuss our day-to-day, talk salary, logistics, and fit
  5. A paid programming assignment of no more than 6 hours
  6. A final in-person interview

Please note: Applications without cover letters will not be reviewed. Please read the above information closely for cover letter requirements.

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