Senior Engineering Leader - Semantic Code United States

Company: GitHub

GitHub’s vision is to supercharge our services with data in order to democratize software engineering worldwide. We seek to enable more people to engage in the creation of code and to participate in the future both creatively and economically. Doing so requires that we make it easier, safer, faster, and more expressive to create and understand code, and enable people to connect with each other and with code projects more effectively. Only this commitment will allow us to realize the significant opportunities before us.

GitHub has one of the largest and richest software-related data sets on the planet. This data largely includes source code and its underlying structures (e.g. abstract syntax trees), semantics, comments, diffs, module and dependency graphs, and annotations from non-user agents like CI systems. These abstractions describe the meaning of code, its intent, and capabilities which can be leveraged to great effect to detect vulnerabilities and enable insight, navigation, and transformation. Armed with this data the Semantic Code team is tasked with delivering on one of the most strategically important GitHub objectives: to make software development easier, more powerful, and more accessible through program analysis techniques.

Given the criticality and scope of the semantic code domain, a leader in this area must be able to review and assess techniques and frameworks in a fast moving field, and help guide the team toward well reasoned and pragmatic approaches to generating and validating results.

The Semantic Code leader must have or quickly develop high level domain expertise within the fields of program analysis, programming language theory (PLT), parsing and computational semantics. This leader must stay current in the latest developments in the semantic code field while maintaining awareness of auxiliary fields (such as machine learning and related infrastructure). Solutions that scale are often interdisciplinary requiring cross-functional alignment to deliver meaningful functionality to the GitHub community. Technical ability and domain knowledge across sub-disciplines will allow the leader to better evaluate possible directions.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Partnering with Product Management on long term vision, roadmap priorities, and product lifecycle from model formulation through product integration
  • Evangelizing and explaining Semantic Code capabilities
  • Driving infrastructure requirements to support scalable, efficient access to source code and related data
  • Partnering with engineering and product leaders to ensure alignment across functions
  • Setting guidelines for use cases that require program analysis vs. other methods
  • Promoting team growth via coaching, mentoring, and new opportunities
  • Staffing and shaping the semantic code team to increase team impact
  • Managing day to day execution and communication


  • 3 years of experience managing and growing software engineering teams
  • Experience building/growing teams
  • A track record of high impact delivery
  • An innovation mindset
  • The ability to articulate complex topics in a way that is approachable to non-experts
  • The ability to balance near term product feature work and long term research
  • A track record of partnership with engineering and product leaders
  • Experience leading projects and teams
  • Experience building and organizing multi-level teams
  • Passionate about crafting and fostering good engineering practices and processes
  • Ability to lead a diverse set of geographically distributed engineers
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

Who We Are:

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Where We Can Hire

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