Full Stack Rails Developer

Company: WeaveUp

Full Stack Rails Developer



WeaveUp is seeking an experienced full-stack Rails developer to build and improve our SaaS platform. This position will be involved in making our REST API flexible and more robust as we continue to expand our client base.

Our cutting-edge cloud-based software applications bring innovation to the textile and design industries. As an industry leader, we empower companies to maximize the potential of the digital printing revolution. Our team works with top tier clients in various verticals, including apparel, interior design, and major retail. WeaveUp runs on a Ruby on Rails back-end API that is consumed by a web interface and connected to digital printing facilities. Our unique end-to-end digital textile platform includes proprietary modules that support image upload, automatic color separation, in-browser image customization, and print room automation.


  • Build robust, scalable applications in Ruby on Rails to support the growth of the WeaveUp platform.
  • Collaborate with the team to plan and develop new features.
  • Practice TDD, write unit tests, and participate in code reviews.


  • Bring an awesome attitude, the ability to pivot quickly, and the willingness to help the team meet the goals of delivering a great customer experience.
  • Possess basic design skills as it relates to UI/UX and basic prototype design.
  • Ability to focus on customers and have a willingness to step up and wear a couple of hats.


  • Education Minimum: Bachelors’ degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience Minimum: 2-4 years of experience with Rails Development
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks – Vue.js or similar
  • Experience Preferred: The experience needed to build and improve a REST/JSON API, and help the team integrate with third-party APIs
  • WebGL and image processing experience
  • A desire to be a part of an Agile team – adapting to change and continuously learning

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Vacancy page : https://weaveup.com/careers/full-stack-developer/

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