Developer Advocate EMEA, North America

Company: Canonical

The Snapcraft team at Canonical (Ubuntu) is working to make it easy to deliver software and updates to all Linux-based cloud, IoT, and desktop systems safely and automatically.

We are seeking an experienced Developer Advocate to join our globally-distributed, home-based team.

The team is motivated by making developers' lives easier. We want to see people spend time on what makes their app unique and interesting, not on packaging. We also understand that developers currently face an impossible choice between few updates to lower the risk of breakage and frequent updates to lower the risk of compromise.

Through direct engagement with developers we deepen our understanding of what makes software delivery hard. We follow these individuals through the process of publishing with Snapcraft, feeding back to our engineering team so the next person has an even smoother experience. Where strategically important, we assist in engineering solutions.

This is a role that requires passion and exceptional interpersonal skills. Those who excel can walk into a conference and approach strangers, swiftly navigating a web of conversations until they’ve identified the most important themes and established contacts for follow-on conversations.

Key responsibilities

  • Attract lighthouse software vendors to the Snapcraft platform
  • Use data and experimentation to identify growth opportunities
  • Assist software vendors and the community in engineering snaps
  • Shape feedback from the field into key narratives for the engineering teams
  • Create content to scale up developer education and demonstrate best practices
  • Be a public face for Snapcraft, speaking at conferences and Meetups
  • Grow the team of community advocates

Required skills

  • An enthusiastic self-starter
  • Clear public record of accomplishments (talks, blog posts, GitHub, Twitter, etc)
  • Good troubleshooting instincts and undaunted by unfamiliar tools
  • Software engineering background
  • Strong technical writing skills
  • Strategic and creative thinker who can effectively navigate many opportunities
  • Can work autonomously and assume full ownership of objectives as needed
  • Comfortable with Linux-based operating systems, such as Ubuntu
  • Comfortable with online communication and collaboration, such as mailing lists, Google Hangouts, and Slack

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