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Company: Canonical

Key areas of accountability and responsibility 

Care and maintenance of the SaaS platform, technical customer support (the intent will be to have the Analysis team take first call triage and escalate if needed), payment processing support. Assist with written test development, development of hands on tests, Engage with the Ubuntu community through various means, including, IRC, Slack, Twitter and industry events.


Collaborate across Canonical with software developers, product managers, technical writers, information architects, quality assurance engineers, and technical support engineers to develop documentation and testing materials for the CubE certification program.


Read design documents and specifications, build, install, and use pre-release software to assist in generating testing materials.

Essential skills and expertise 

BS/BA or equivalent in Computer Science, Technical Communication, English, or related field.

Ability to rapidly assimilate technical information from a variety of sources.

Must be flexible and enjoy working with new technology in a fast-paced environment.

Deep knowledge with command line Linux.

Experience working effectively as part of a distributed team.

Confidence in using Ubuntu as a desktop computing platform for all of the above.

 Familiarity with using Git or other version control systems. 

Programming skills using Python, Bash, JavaScript, or other high-level language.

Desired skills and expertise

Experience with the Open edX platform

Knowledge of HTML, Markdown and other documentation technologies.

Knowledge of test certifications, training production, test creation methodologies.

Knowledge of video creation and production.

Familiarity with cloud infrastructure.

Experience working with OpenStack, Kubernetes, Linux Containers.

Additional language skills.

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