Accounts Coordinator Worldwide

Company: 10up

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What is this role?

You’ll be working closely with our accounts and business development strategists on a daily basis, providing support for them so they can, in turn, assist our clients in succeeding online. You will also guide our team to ensure the production of their absolute best work— in line with our experience, reputation, and expectations for excellence.

An Accounts Coordinator handles everything from creating and preparing data reports to proofreading documents to planning travel to administrative support, such as executing agreements, spinning up starter documents, and taking and processing notes. You’ll also be helping our team manage the high volume of meeting and project information within our internal systems.

Ultimately, you’ll be working with a smart, energetic team as they support our clients however necessary.

While we have a preference for full-time, we are also open to part-time or flex time for the right candidate.

  • Support sales and account management team operations on a daily basis with a wide variety of administrative tasks;
  • Manage CRM by adding and updating deal and customer records in an accurate and timely manner;
  • Make updates to historical customer and project data;
  • Create and maintain deal/customer reports, as directed by leadership;
  • Prepare existing and new reports in an accurate and timely manner;
  • Execute agreements in a timely manner;
  • Plan and coordinate team travel;
  • Plan and coordinate company events, including travel arrangements, supporting materials, event booking and general coordination;
  • Take detailed and accurate notes on internal and external calls;
  • Help coordinate and manage professional schedules for a team of ~15.


  • You have experience creating and editing documents (Google Docs and/or Word) and spreadsheets, including formatting and formula management.
  • Your friends and relatives sometimes get annoyed with how strict and unrelenting your attention to detail can be.
  • You are not just comfortable juggling multiple, competing priorities, you thrive on the fast-pace nature of the work (it also doesn’t hurt that it helps the day go by quickly).
  • You love coordinating the perfectly scheduled trip or event, including the best hotel for the money, flight times that leave you refreshed, not exhausted. Family or co-workers have marveled at your ability to add extra touches to the event that made it the best (birthday/non-profit meeting/work meeting) they’d ever been to.
  • You enjoy taking high-level direction, filling in the blanks and following through, whether it be on research, creating reports, or other, and you neither need nor enjoy being micromanaged through the process.
  • You may not necessarily be a whiz at either, but you’re not afraid of interacting with both data/numbers and words/language on a daily basis. You recognize that formulas and calculators are our friends, and that the real value is in how you assemble and present the info.

Nice to have

  • Experience working in a digital agency;
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with web technologies, such as CMS platforms;
  • Knowledge of and familiarity with WordPress;
  • Previous experience working remotely (either full- or part-time);
  • Previous experience in an administrative role preferred, though not required.

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