Tunnll - Remote Jobs Hiring

Come help us build things that matter. Tunnll is a startup that creates technologies for the future of the sustainable society, the technologies that make people’s lives convenient, reduce carbon emissions and lead to efficient resource usage. We strive to combine the love to state-of-the-art technologies and a working environment that people are happy to work in.

Tunnll is a nice place to work at

We are a distributed startup company and strongly believe that remote work is a more productive way to accomplish many tasks from software development to accounting.

Your remote workplace

There is absolutely no need to move to another city to visit our office daily, because why should you spend 1-2 hours on daily commute when you could use this time to spend with your family or beloved one or just simply sleep more?

At Tunnll you are free to work from home or any other place of your choice as long as you do your daily reports (tasks completed, time spent, time estimated).

Your own schedule

Need to take kids out of daycare? Have studies in the morning? Or maybe language course each Thursday? It’s fine. At Tunnll you are free to choose your own working hours.

Your own dress-code

At Tunnll we do not have any corporate religion, so you do not need to wear a suit every day. In fact, you can wear whatever you like.

Your voice can be heard

Have you ever dreamed of working without a boss? At Tunnll we have a boss-free environment. Instead we practice a regular rotation of a role similar to that of a SCRUM master. This means that you can have a set of managerial activities for a week and then pass those to another team member. In other words, at Tunnll a team member manages the team today and tomorrow you can become that manager.

Communication policy

We extensively use our issue tracker and a group company chat as a replacement for office presence. The issue tracker is a kind of an online portal which serves as an asynchronous communication channel that does not require all the team members to be online at the same time.

We use Skype/SIP to hold team and personal meetings. In order to sort out urgent issues, we use online chat tools. We do not use email to discuss projects and tasks.

The working language at Tunnll is English.

Open positions:

We do not currently have any open remote jobs, please check back later.