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TaxJar is the leading technology solution for busy eCommerce sellers to manage sales tax and is trusted by more than 9,000 businesses. We were founded to help eCommerce owners spend less time on sales tax and more time growing the businesses they love. We’re passionate about creating simple solutions and leveraging technology to solve complicated sales tax issues. We're not just about sales tax though, we're a technology-driven company focused on providing a great experience for both merchants and developers.

We offer TaxJar Reports , a simple web-based reporting tool that organizes sales tax data into return-ready reports by state; AutoFile, a service that automatically files sales tax returns; and SmartCalcs API, a modern, accurate, sales tax API for developers to outsource sales tax rates and calculations. For developers, we have created an helpful API demo environment and also are fanatics about creating and maintaining great API documentation.


  • We all work remotely from wherever we work best for each team member. For most of us, that's home. For others, that may be a local coffee shop or your summer vacation house. The only requirement is that you're working from a place with WiFi and you're able to get your work done. We talk all day over Flowdock and each of our teams have separate rooms to discuss what's necessary.
  • We meet daily in individual team 'stand ups' for 15 minutes to go over the team's plan for the day. We meet as a company weekly to go over priorities, and every Friday, we have a company-wide social/culture meeting to just talk. We do all of this because we know we need to keep the team "together" while being distributed, and it's easy... You just click a button and you're in the Hangout.
  • We’re committed to working remotely as a team. We don't worry about rush hour. We don't worry about having to pick kids up from school and wondering what our bosses will think. We don't need to hunt to find open conference rooms. We love being a distributed team, and are looking for others that will thrive in this unique environment.
  • We’re a happy TaxJar team and we all really love what we do. We've created a space where high-achievers can succeed, but are also safe to fail. We're profitable and focused on growing TaxJar sustainably. We're always learning how to make TaxJar the best place to work for all of us, and not just another tech start-up. We’re always looking for an amazing new teammates to come share in the excitement of solving real-world problems with technology.

Open positions:

We do not currently have any open remote jobs, please check back later.