Sanborn - Remote Jobs Hiring

Who We Are

We’re a collective of 35 digital media professionals working in agile, cross-functional teams of six to nine people. While each of us is a unique butterfly in our own right, the following traits seem to mark all Sanborn folk:

We do it live.
We create opportunities for danger and speed and we value moving fast and solving problems aggressively and openly…while knowing our larger process and toolset keeps us safe and on point.

We do it together.
Our work is done in a giant fish bowl and we help each other engineer solutions all day long. While there are moments of solo missions through the jungle they are the exception to the highly collaborative cultural norm.

There are no shitheads.
We have a shithead eco-flush system that targets assholery at its faintest signals and expunges it from our premises with an all-natural, organic floodwater filtration pump.

How We Work

No bullshit. We survive in this time of rapidly changing media by using candor to peel the onion of the challenges we face and arrive at the simplest, truest solutions. Here are some other virtues we hold to be self-evident in our way of working.

We Simplify

If you can't explain it simply, you don't know it well enough. We believe in the power of simplicity and delivering a clear and simple value proposition.

We Mobilize

The world has gone mobile. We create a user experience that is not only mobile friendly, but responsive and flexible to work on the form factors of the future.

We Keep It Lean & Mean

There’s the quick and there’s the dead. We engineer for speed and a friction-free user experience.

We Know When To Rent Or Buy

Whenever possible we leverage existing tools and platforms to solve problems. Likewise, we have the deep technical bench to engineer custom solutions as well.

Open positions:

We do not currently have any open remote jobs, please check back later.